In mid Nov 2004, I started the coding of MoCo SMS Suite.

Coding is the most exciting part of software development process as this is the stage where you can really see the product comes to fruition bit by bit. All the stages before this are boring albeit necessary phases.

Actually, software design stage used to be much simpler before object-oriented programming became the dominant software development methodology. There was a time when programmers simply scribbled flow charts (which was incorporated into UML activity diagram) and then started coding or psuedo coding. The only documentation you needed then were the comments inside the source codes. I began my programming journey back when modular programming was the dominant programming technique and back then software development was simply programming. Nowadays, there were too many fanciful software methodologies, programming paradigms and software quality standards which made the software development process a bit convoluted. Anyway, I digressed.

To design and develop a software of considerable scale is not an easy task. I started coding the skeleton GUI of the system, and then the framework of the system, and then the individual components of the system. But the process was rather slow as I could only do the coding after work. I started to think, at this pace I would take a very long time before my version one was completed. The original plan was to create the product first, and then let K do the selling. If the sales were good, we could both quit our jobs to do it full time.

However, developing a new software after office hours were slow and tiring. So I discussed with my business partner K, that perhaps I should quit my job in January 2005 to develop the product full time. I was confident that I could be a lot more focus and developed the product much faster if I were to do it full-time.

It was a risky decision, to quit a well-paying job before we came out with a product and before we made any sales.

But sometimes in life, you need to take a bit of risk, because many years later you might be asking yourself why you weren’t brave enough to take the plunge.

And so, I handed my resignation in January 2005.

Building a Product from scratch – Step 3. Coding

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