Few months ago, I incorporated my second company with two other co-founders. One day, we were discussing about the job titles to put on our name cards. And I started to recall 9 years ago, my business partner K and I had gone through the same process…..

After I handed my resignation in Jan 2005, I still needed to serve two months of notice period. During that two months, other than preparing the handing over, we were also doing some logistic stuffs for our new company. We incorporated the company as a partnership in February 2005. After that, we started to design our company logo, letterhead and name cards.

One of most interesting part of designing your own name card would be to decide on a job title. We thought about putting “founder”, “co-founder”, “CEO” or “director” as our job titles. But then we did not want to give people the impression that we were a small startup. Somehow, people tend not to put too much trust on startups, especially those corporate customers.

So my business partner K decided to give himself a very general job title: “Manager”. After some considerations, I finally decided to give myself the job title of “Senior Software Architect”.

K asked me, “Why put ‘senior’ software architect?”

“Hmm…..to give an impression that we had a few junior architects, developers and programmers under me.”

“Then why don’t you put ‘Chief’ software architect?”

“So that when I can’t answer client’s questions, I can still tell them I need to consult my imaginary Chief Software Architect!”

Deciding a Job Title

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