When we ventured into our first startup in 2005, one of the interesting things we did was to go office hunting. We viewed many offices. Having worked in big companies in the past, that was the first time I visited so many small offices and it was quite an eye-opener for me then.

One of the offices we viewed was at Golden Mile Tower. We went viewing during evening time as we had to work during day time at our ex-company. The property agent brought us up to 8th floor. Stepping out of the lift, he led us to a long and dark corridor with metal office doors at both sides and flickering lights at the top of the corridor. I was thinking in my mind, “hey, this makes an excellent setting for a ghost movie!”

Then, the property agent stopped at the middle of the long corridor, and opened the metal door of one of the offices. The office was actually quite spacious inside, although the wall was a bit run-down.

“Looked good. We can do a repaint of the wall ourselves!” said my business partner K.

“Yeah, not a problem. The rental sounds reasonable too.” I said.

So we walked around inside the office, and then chatted with the property agent. Somehow, our conversation shifted to the dark eerie corridor and those flickering corridor lights and I mentioned it looked like a scene from those ghost movie.

“Oh, don’t worry. Normally the lights are ok. We can get technicians to fix them.” the property agent assured us. “But talking about ghosts, actually there was someone who committed suicide downstairs at the 7th floor. Under this office.”

“You mean right under this office?”

“Err….yeah….right under this office. And some people even claimed that the office is haunted. Hahaha…..But don’t worry lah, the 8th floor is clean!”

“Wouldn’t the ghost float up?” said K.

And the following image appeared in my mind:



We didn’t take up the office.



Haunted Office

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