We only started to think of a company name after we finalized with our product idea.

My business partner K asked me to think about a list of technical terms which perhaps could be used as our company name since our company would be a software firm.

So I came up with roughly the following list:
• Mutex (Synchronization object for multithreading)
• Semaphore (Synchronization object for multithreading)
• Deadlock (What was I thinking???)
• Atomic
• Lexical (As in Lexical Analysis, a phase in compiler design)
• Binary
• Abstract
• Virtual
• Flex
• Bison
• Fork
• Root

K passed the list to a friend who was working as a branding consultant. His friend looked at the list and then suggested the name “Lexel” which was retrieved from the word “Lexical” in my list. Both K and I felt that the name sounds cool and so we decided that “Lexel Technologies” shall be our company name.

With the company name finalized, K proceeded with the printing of letterheads and name cards.

So this is how our company name came about.

What’s in a name?

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